There are the following main FTP Server management options in HostPilot:

  • Start/Stop - stops and starts your FTP site.
  • Server Settings - Windows 2003: shows domain name, IP address, and allows you to set connection timeout (900 sec is recommended), connection limit (100 is default), greeting message, exit message, and directory listing output (MS DOS vs. UNIX type); Linux: shows root directory and allows you to set idle timeout (900 sec is recommended), greeting message, banner message, FTP server name and FTP server administrator e-mail.

To find out how much disk space you are using, please go to Web/FTP Server > Disk Quota. You will see a bar that indicates your usage at the last update. This number is updated every 24 hours, at approximately midnight PDT. This page also shows you how much disk space you have purchased (at the bottom of the page). You can also use this page to increase your quota if you are running out or over the limit. To find out how much free space you have left, you should subtract the site size from the purchased disk quota.