We have the following custom tags installed on all ColdFusion 5, MX and MX 7 Servers:

  • CFX_Image, V1.4.8      
    This CFX Tag does numerous actions on images including resize and conversion.
  • CF_ImageInfo11, V1.1      
    This Custom Tag reads image file information for GIF, JPEG, EXIF and PNG files. CF_ImageInfo also processes JPEGs with embedded thumbnail preview images properly.
  • CFX_PayFlowPro      
    The PayPal ColdFusion integration creates a CFX tag that can be used to process online credit card transactions. The integration is done in Java and is not platform-specific. To develop your payment solution using the Payflow Pro SDK you can use Payflow Pro Developer's Guide.

ColdFusion 8 adds more than 50 new tags and functions for creating and manipulating images, from simple to sophisticated. For example, the new CFIMAGE tag provides shortcuts to the most common image actions, including reading, writing, resizing, rotating, and converting images.
We also recommend using PayPal API via Name-Value Pair interface as most transparent one for our ColdFusion 8 accounts instead of CFX_PayFlowPro tag available on ColdFusion 5, MX and MX 7 Servers.