Important: for Email Protection to work properly, Junk Email filtering should be enabled in OWA and disabled in Outlook client. For more information read How Do I Completely Disable The Junk Email Filter For My Exchange Mailbox?

Outlook includes functionality to help reduce the amount of junk email messages, or spam, you receive in your Inbox. In addition to server side spam filtering provided by Intermedia, Outlook uses its own SmartScreen filter technology, a client side filter.

Messages caught by the filter are moved to a special Junk E-mail folder, where you can access them later.

Note: Outlook Junk E-mail Filter technology can only be used with the following types of email accounts:

  • A Microsoft Exchange Server email account in Cached Exchange Mode (read the Knowledge Base article How to enable Cached Exchange mode in Outlook for more information)
  • An Exchange Server account that delivers to a Personal Folders File (.pst)
  • RPC over HTTP
  • POP3
  • IMAP

In addition to Microsoft SmartScreen Technology, Outlook also offers Junk E-mail Lists.
Junk filer

There are three Junk E-mail Filter Lists:

  • Safe Senders List. Messages received from email addresses published in theSafe Senders Listare not scanned.
  • Safe Recipients List. A mailing list or group can be added to your Safe Recipients List so any messages sent to the email addresses or domain names in this list won't be scanned by the Junk E-mail Filter.
  • Blocked Senders ListAdding a sender’s email address to your Blocked Senders List will block messages sent from this email address.

Note: any Inbox rules configured in your Outlook application will be overriden by Junk email options, as Junk email routing has higher priority than Inbox rules.

In order to disable Outlook Junk Email Filter on Windows PC, navigate to Junk Email Options > Options, select No Automatic Filtering and click Apply:
Disable filtering

In order to disable Outlook Junk Email Filter on Outlook 2011 for Mac, navigate to Junk > Junk E-mail Protection, select None and click Ok:

Outlook 2011

Note: Outlook 2016 does not support client-side mail filtering. Emails are scanned only by server-side junk filtering. There is no way to disable client-side mail filtering in Outlook 2016:

Outlook 2016