We have implemented filtering of outbound mail destined for Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail or other big providers in order to prevent shared mail servers from getting blacklisted. There are 2 scenarios which apply when your outgoing messages are getting discarded.

  • Forwarding is set up in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel from your mailbox to a public provider mailbox.

    The messages is discarded (you are not receiving any bounce back) if one of the following checks has been failed:
    • Subject contains the phrase Delivery Failure.
    • Subject contains the word [SPAM].
    • Spam score more or equal 7.
    • Empty To or From fields.
  • You are sending messages directly, without forwading.

    If you are sending messages directly in most cases you will receive a bounceback message identifying your message has not been delivered. This happens if the message got a SPAM score more than 9. If you would like to know why the message got rejected exactly, provide Intermedia support with a full text of a bounce message.

    Outgoing messages to public providers with SPAM score more than 12.5 are being discarded without sending you a bounce message.

What is SPAM score?