General Security key items:

  1. All servers are set up according to the latest Microsoft security guidelines using industry-accepted practices. This alone can tremendously reduce the risk of unauthorized access to data on the server.
  2. Unnecessary services and extensions are shut down and removed.
  3. Each virtual web server application is running as a separate process in isolated memory space.
  4. All virtual servers are running under separate accounts and active contents are isolated from each other. This prevents users on different accounts form getting access to each other's data.
  5. The servers are audited on regular basis, and all of the latest security fixes are installed right after they are issued.
  6. We perform network monitoring for attacks, network failure, traffic excess.
  7. All Intermedia employees work under a non-disclosure agreement and only authorized personnel has physical access to production servers.
  8. The data center provides 24/7 on-site security with 24/7 video surveillance and 24/7 environmental monitoring.
  9. The servers are protected with a fire suppression system.
  10. The data center provides a diesel generator power backup system in case of a power failure.


Optional security services:

  1. HostPilot Control Panel provides all necessary tools for managing security on virtual servers by the account owners. Intermedia Technical Support engineers can assist customers in certain operations to make sure that all applications work as intended.
  2. Web Server Security (restrict or permit access to your web site) is available for all Windows accounts in "HostPilot Control Panel > Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Security" section.
  3. SSL certificates are supported which provides secure connection over the web. Secure Certificates can be installed on all Plans in "HostPilot Control Panel > Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Secure Certificates".
  4. Firewalls are available for Dedicated Customers (contact your Sales representative for details).