ColdFusion Mappings allow to use logical aliases for paths to directories on your server.

They apply only to pages processed by the ColdFusion Server with the CFInclude and CFModule tags.

If CFML pages are placed outside of the website root directory (D:\FTP\WebAccountName\Htdocs) you must add a mapping to the location of those files on your server. 

To manage ColdFusion mappings please login to your account HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and navigate to the Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Website Tools > ColdFusion > Mappings page.

To add a mapping:

  1. Click on Select a directory link or icon, navigate to directory for which you want to create an alias and click Select
  2. In the Logical Path text box enter an alias to assign to a directory 
  3. Click Create

The new created mapping appears in the Created Mappings list.

To delete a mapping:

  1. In the Created Mappings list, select a mapping(s) to delete
  2. Click Remove selected

The mapping(s) disappears immediately.