Internet Explorer once had a built in FTP client, however FTP cannot be accessed through Internet Explorer anymore. This article explains how to connect to your FTP server using Windows Explorer/File Explorer.

In order to connect to the FTP server, you need to know your hostname, username and password. Read our knowledgebase article on How Do I Access My Server Via FTP? for more information.

1. Open Windows Explorer/File Explorer. You can go to Start > Computer or press Win + E to start it or open any folder.

2. In the address bar type ftp:// followed by your hostname and press Enter or click on the Arrow button (If the address bar is not visible, select View > Address Bar).

3. In Log On As window type hostname in User name field and password in Password filed when prompted and click on Log On button. If you plan to login more than once to this server, check Save password box, this will make Windows Explorer/File Explorer remember the password for future connections.

Windows Explorer/File Explorer will connect to the FTP server and you will see all the directories and files on the server, as if they were folders on your computer. If you are using credentials of the System user, you will see all the content of the root folder for your account. You can drag and drop files to and from this windows and your computer to upload/download files.

The FTP connection remains active as long as you keep open the window, in which the connection was established.

Note: There are several limitations of FTP folders in Windows Explorer/File Explorer:

  • Files and directories cannot be moved on the server
  • As the Windows Explorer/File Explorer connection transfer rate is slow, for full site backup or large transfers we recommend using FTP clients like FileZilla or command prompt. Read our knowledgebase articles on How Do I Use FileZilla To Connect To My FTP Server? and Getting started with command-line FTP for more information
  • There are no file previews or metadata
  • Unicode file names are not supported