The article describes how to create FTP Users for virtual servers hosted on:

Requirements for the username:

  1. The username must start with a letter (a-z).
  2. The username should only contain letters (a-z), numbers(0-9), and dash (-) symbols.
  3. The usernames starting with "imedia" are reserved.
  4. The username should be unique for all products.

Requirements for the password are standard and listed in the Knowledge Base article What Are The Password Requirements?

Windows 2008

1. In HostPilot, navigate to Users and click the Create User button; fill all of the fields and hit the Create

Note: If you have an Exchange account as long as Windows 2008\IIS7 Web hosting account, the Email Address (Login) that you specify for your new FTP user should be different from any mailbox address created on the Exchange account.

2. New user does not have FTP access enabled by default. Once the user is created, click on the name in the Users list and switch to the Web/FTP Server tab, then click on Enable FTP Access

3. By default the FTP home directory assigned to new FTP user is the FTP root directory d:\home\WebAccountName and new user has Read/Write access to it.

To change user home directory click on \, browse to the custom home directory you need to set, hit Select and then Save Changes:

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Windows 2003

In HostPilot, navigate to Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Site Users: Create New Web/FTP Site User section, fill all of the fields and set the custom Home Directory if needed, and press the Create User button. 

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In HostPilot, navigate to Web/FTP Server > FTP Server > FTP Users, fill the text field with the new FTP user name, set the custom FTP directory if needed, and press Create User button.

When prompted for Password, specify the password for new FTP user and press OK button.

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