This article explains how to upload databases to MSSQL server using MSSQL Management Studio Express (SSMSE).

Once conencted to the MSSQL server, navigate to database you created in your HostPilot Control Panel, right click on that database, and select Tasks > Import Data. This will start the Import and Export wizard.

The next step is to select the source from which to copy data. For example, this could be your in-house or development SQL server. You will have the option to specify your username and password for that SQL server when selecting the data source.

Next you need to specify a destination SQL server and database. For this you will need the IP address of your hosted SQL 2005 server, the database name and SQL credentials created in your HostPilot Control Panel.

Next you will need to specify Table Copy (Copy data from one or more tables or views) as the type of import you want to perform.

You will most likely want to Select All tables as well as check the box for Optimize for many tables.

You should then select to Execute immediately if you want to start the data transfer immediately, and then Finish to launch this process.

If there are no problems, the wizard will return with The execution was successful as the output.