You can find information on Getting Started with your new Business E-mail account in "HostPilot Control Panel > Account > Get Started". Some of the items you can find in this section are also highlighed briefly below.

The first thing you should do is create your mailboxes and email addresses. You can create mailboxes in the "HostPilot Control Panel > Mail Server > Create New Mailbox".

Before mail will be routed to our servers you must make changes to your DNS records. There are two options for how to change your DNS records:

  1. The first option is to change the name servers for your domain to Intermedia's name servers listed below. This is the easiest way to get your mail working because we already have the appropriate DNS records created for you on our name servers. You can find information on our name servers here.
  2. If you host your DNS elsewhere you will need to add the appropriate records to your zone file with your DNS provider. The records that you will need to add can be found in "HostPilot Control Panel > Domain Names > Domains Manager. The records are listed in the "System Records" section and consist of an A record for and MX record which points to the mail filter server. There is also an optional TXT record that contains our SPF records. We highly recommend that you also create this record, as many mail servers do use SPF to check the authenticity of mail.

To check your mail, you can use our DeskPilot interface at or You can also configure a desktop mail client such as Outlook Express to check your mail. Information on setting up your mail client can be found in "HostPilot Control Panel > Mail Server > Mail Client Settings". You can also download our "Outlook Express Profile Helper" to setup Outlook Express to connect to your mailbox.

For more information on using our Business E-Mail services, please see the following Knowledge Base articles: