The Entourage Import Assistant provides two ways to map fields: manual mapping, or automatic mapping (based on a file containing saved mapping settings). Generally, the first time you import contacts from a text file, you'll have to map the fields manually. You can then save and reuse the mapping file you have previously created. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Import Contacts Into Entourage Using A Saved Mapping File for instructions on reusing a mapping file.

Microsoft cautions that "Importing contacts from Outlook 2000 or later can pose special difficulties because of the way in which the programs save exported files. For example, Outlook contacts that contain paragraph returns in the Notes field are not imported to Entourage correctly. Before you export contacts from Outlook, make sure the Notes fields in your contacts do not contain paragraph returns. Also, after you import, you might need to delete blank lines that appear at the top of the Address Book."

To import contacts by manually mapping fields:

  1. Open Entourage and go to File > Import.

    File > Import
  2. Select 'Import information from a text file'.

    contacts or messages from a text file
  3. Make sure that 'Import contacts from a tab- or comma-delimited text file' is selected, then click the right arrow.

    Import contacts from a tab- or comma-delimited file
  4. In the Import Text File window, select the file you want to import, then click on Import.

    open a text file
  5. Drag the field names in the Unmapped fields box to place them opposite their counterparts in the Mapped fields box.
  6. When all the fields in the Unmapped fields box have been mapped correctly, click on Import.
  7. When prompted to save the current field mapping settings, do one of the following:
    • To save the mapping settings, click on Save, and then type a name for the mapping settings file. The next time you import, you can use the saved mapping file.
    • To discard the mapping settings after you import, click on Don't Save.
  8. Click on Finish.