The error "Transaction error - Decryption failure", which causes an "X" to be displayed next to sent messages on the Messages screen, is caused by an encryption key issue with the desktop software. To resolve this issue:

  • Make sure you are not syncing your handheld device both wired and wirelessly. (In instances where you must sync wired, such as public folders, ensure you are not syncing your mailbox as well.) Syncing your device both wired and wirelessly can result in errors that corrupt the encryption keys that are used.
  • Upgrade to BlackBerry® Desktop Software 4.0 Service Pack 1 or later and generate encryption keys manually three times using BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  • To generate a new encryption key with a BlackBerry device:
    Note: The following procedure requires BlackBerry Device Software 4.0 or later.
    1. From the Home screen, click Options or click Settings, then Options(depending on the theme you have running on your device).
    2. If you are running BlackBerry Device Software 4.0, click Security.
      If you are running BlackBerry Device Software 4.1 or later, click Security Options, then General Settings.
    3. Scroll down to the Service section and click the trackwheel.
    4. Select Regenerate Encryption Key.
    5. When you see the message "The key for service <Server Name> has been updated", click OK.

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