Important: Outlook Profile Helper is not supported by Outlook 2016/2019 and is not compatible with Mac OS X.

To make creating Outlook profiles easier and more streamlined, we have provided Intermedia application called the Outlook Profile Helper (OPH).

Outlook Profile Helper provides the following features: 

  • Automatically creates an Outlook profile with limited input.
  • Allows you to create multiple profiles on the same computer.
  • Allows you to save your password for Outlook when creating your profile.

Downloading Outlook Profile Helper           

You can download the Outlook Profile Helper here:

  • Administrators: HostPilot® Control Panel > Home > Get Started >  Outlook Profile Helper.  
  • Users: My Services> Downloads and Instructions > Outlook Profile Helper (link at the bottom of the Single Sign-on box).

Using Outlook Profile Helper           

1. Launch the Outlook Profile Helper file that you downloaded (OutlookPH_EXCH0XX.exe).

If a profile named Exchange already exists, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing profile. If you do not want to overwrite the existing profile and want to create an additional profile instead, click NO.

Create Profile

2. Type the desired profile name. If you do NOT want to use Cached Exchange Mode, you can uncheck the option here.

Profile name

3. Enter the primary email address (UPN) and password for the mailbox you are trying to connect.

Note: If the OPH was downloaded from My Services, the email address will already be filled in.

4. If you want to have this computer remember the password when Outlook launches the profile, select the Remember Password? option. Click Next to finish.
Type creds

5. Once the email address and password are verified, your profile will be created and ready to use.

Note: If you use OPH to set up Outlook on the computer which does not have any Outlook profiles created yet, the new Outlook profile will be created in a cached mode. Read the Knowledge Base article on What Is Cached Exchange Mode In Outlook for more information.