The Company Disclaimer feature works in much the same way as in Exchange 2003, but has the added functionality of different fonts, colors and other formatting tools for creating the message. Additionally, in Exchange 2007 the disclaimer is sent to all recipients, including internal users.

Organizations may wish to use this capability to provide a legal disclaimer. The message below is provided as an example.

This message is for the designated recipient only and may contain privileged, proprietary, or otherwise private information. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original. Any other use of the email by you is prohibited.

  • Your disclaimer message must be limited to 2048 characters (including spaces).
  • Disclaimer for Exchange 2007 does not support HTML tags.
  • The disclaimer is not appended to encrypted messages.
  • The disclaimer is not appended to messages that have formatting that is non-standard and prevents Exchange from placing the signature in the appropriate location in the email.
  • There is no way to disable the disclaimer for one mailbox. It is appended to all outgoing messages of all users.

To create a company disclaimer:

company disclaimer

  1. Log in to HostPilot and navigate to Services > Email Compliance > Company Disclaimer.
  2. Select the Enable Email Signature checkbox.
  3. Enter the desired disclaimer text.
  4. In the Failure Action box, select what to do if the disclaimer cannot be added to a message due to bad email formatting, encryption, or other issues.
    Note: If you have Encrypted Message service enabled, you should set Failure Action to Ignore to avoid problems with delivery of encrypted messages.
  5. Select from the available font customizations, if desired. These are the only ones available to be used and cannot be further customized.

To disable the company disclaimer, clear the Enable Email Signature checkbox.

For information on the Exchange 2010 disclaimer feature, see the following Intermedia Knowledge Base article:

Exchange 2010 Company Disclaimer Feature