This article applies to Web Hosting and Custom Email accounts only. For Exchange accounts, see the article How Can I Manage My POP/IMAP Mailbox Using My Services

A mailbox can be managed by account administrators through HostPilot and by end-users using My Services. The following properties are available for managing:


This page allows you to enter or edit basic properties of the mailbox and change the mailbox password.

  • Full Name: The full name of the mailbox user.
  • Mailbox Name: The first part of the mailbox address that goes before the @ sign
  • Password and Password Confirmation: The password of the mailbox. Please make sure that your password meets the requirements.
  • Allows reset mailbox password via MyServices interface: If checked, the end-user is able to reset the mailbox password in My Services
  • Warning Level for this mailbox: This is a warning level in percent. The warning message will be sent to this mailbox when it reaches the specified utilization level. If set to 0, no warnings will be sent.
  • Maximum size allowed for this mailbox: This is the maximum size in Mb of the mailbox. If this is exceeded, then new messages will not be delivered to the mailbox and a non-delivery report will be generated.
  • Forward mail to: Allows you to enter an Internet Mail Address to which messages for this user will be forwarded. Leave empty to disable forwarding. You can use a fully qualified Internet Mail Address. You can auto-forward to multiple addresses. Just separate the addresses by commas.
  • Do not deliver messages to this mailbox: Allows you to disable delivery to this mailbox. If this box is checked and no forwarding addresses are listed above, messages sent to this address will not be received by any mailbox. If forwarding addresses are listed, messages will still be forwarded to those addresses.


This page allows you to modify aliases for a mailbox. Aliases are multiple references to a single mailbox. Messages may be sent to the mailbox either via its initial mailbox name or via any of its aliases. Mail sent to the alias address will be delivered to the initial mailbox. Aliasing allows each mailbox to have up to 200 alternate names. You can send mail either via initial mailbox name or via any of its aliases only using destkop mail clients.


This page allows you to manage autoreply settings for a mailbox.

  • Enable Auto Reply: Select this checkbox to enable the auto reply feature for the mailbox. AutoReply causes mail server to automatically generate a reply message to the sender when an incoming e-mail arrives for this mailbox.
  • Reply Just Once: Select this checkbox to ensure that no sender receives more than one auto reply. When this is checked, mail server will append the e-mail address to which it replies to a special file. The file will be deleted if the auto reply feature is switched off.
  • AutoReply Message: Enter the text of the autoreply message or use the default one.

Note: Autoreply cannot be set for postmaster mailbox to avoid endless loop in mail delivery. Echo Message option, which returns the original message with an autoreply message, is disabled on our mail servers.


Shows information on number of messages and disk space utilization for a mailbox. Refreshed upon each mail delivery.


Mailbox filtering properties are available when spam filtering is enabled in SpamStopper mode.

  • Enable filtering: Allows to enable mail filtering for individual mailbox and manage your Safe/Blocked Sender Lists.
  • Enable NDR delivery: Enabled by default. However, if you do not wish to receive NDR (Non Delivery Reports) notifications to any particular mailbox, you should uncheck this option for this mailbox.
  • Blocked Sender: Allows the ability to create lists of senders that you never want to receive messages from again (messages from senders on your Blocked Sender List will never be delivered to your mailbox).
  • Safe Sender: Any email from sender whose email address is entered in the Safe Sender List will never be considered as spam (messages from senders on the Safe Sender List will always be delivered to your mailbox and never be marked as spam).

Note: Mailbox level white/black lists take precedence over server level lists.

Fax via E-mail

This page shows the fax statistics if Fax via Email service is enabled for the account and fax number is associated with the mailbox. You can read more about Fax via Email service in our knowledge base article FAQ on the Fax via Email service.