The Extended Services portal provides a way to request support services which are not included in your plan, such as exporting data to an HDD or a DVD, manually copying content from one account to another, restoring deleted mailboxes, and other services.

Note: the services may be chargeable.

Submit extended service request

To submit an Extended Service request:

  1. Login to the Extended Services portal by navigating to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Support and click on the Request assistance link:
    Extended Services
  2. On the Support > Extended Service Requests page, choose one of the predefined requests available in the drop-down menu:
    Choose a service
  3. Fill in the request details and click the Submit Request button:
    Submit request
    Note: the service request price is shown in the Price field.

After you submit a service request, your credit card will be charged and a support case will be opened with our team.You can view requests in progress and completed requests on the Support > Extended Service Requests page under Requests in Progress and Completed Requests:

View your requests

You can also trace the case with your request in HostPilot > Support > Manage My Support Cases. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Manage My Support Cases? for more information.

Predefined extended service requests

Below you can find the list of predefined extended service requests.

Note: Depending on your plan, some options might be missing in the drop-down menu. 

Custom extended service request

If your request doesn't correspond to any request in the list of predefined service requests, contact Support. If completing your request is technically possible, you will need to select a Custom Extended Service Request from the drop-down list in the Extended Services Portal.

Important: do not submit a Custom Extended Service Request without contacting Support first. A quote needs to be generated for you in order for the request to be processes correctly.

Fill in the following details:

  • Request details - enter a brief description of the service requested
  • Amount of charges - enter the quote generated for you in the Support case
  • Quote case # - enter the quote case number
  • Customer notes - optional

Custom service request

Note: your credit card won't be charged until the request is manually processed.