Please use the Answers to the Security Questions set for your account contact to confirm your identity. You can find your account contact security questions and answers in HostPilot at Account > Account Contacts > Security Questions.

Security Questions

Note: You can access Account Contacts section only if you have Contact Manager role. To access your security questions without Contact Manager role, navigate to HostPilot > Profile (a link in the page header in the top right corner) > Edit profile > Security Questions.

Security questions
Each account contact has 3 security questions. However, one random question will be asked. If the person cannot answer it, a notification ticket will be sent to the owner of the account.

You also need to make sure that the role of this account contact corresponds to the type of request that you are providing verification for.

The types of requests and corresponding account contact types that can be used for verification are:

  • Billing issues: Billing Manager, account owner.
  • Technical issues: Technical Administrator, account owner.
  • Account access, passwords: Contact Manager, account owner.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Account contacts and contact roles for more information on the types and roles of account contacts.