Below are several troubleshooting steps that can be used to troubleshoot a BlackBerry® Activation if the activation is not completed or returns an error. Most BlackBerry activation issues can be resolved by one of the steps below.

If you have not already attempted to activate your device, read the following Knowledge Base articles for more information: 
How do I enable BlackBerry wireless service for the user?
Activating a BlackBerry

Please follow the instructions for activating your device before attempting the steps below.

1. Ensure that your device has a data plan.

Even though it is a separate service receiving email via the BlackBerry, Enterprise Server requires that you have an active data plan from your cell provider.

2. Ensure that your device is provisioned for Enterprise Services.

Without this provisioning, BlackBerry activation will not work. You may contact your wireless carrier to verify this.
If your Blackberry is not provisioned for Enterprise Services, you can try to activate the device via Enterprise activation application. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Activate BlackBerry Using The Enterprise Activation application? for more information.

3. Ensure that you are running up-to-date BlackBerry device software.

If updates are not installed, follow BlackBerry instructions, or contact your wireless carrier.

4. Check the device signal strength.

From the main menu of the BlackBerry device, go to the Tools or Options menu (depending on the device), and choose the Status menu. Make note of the Signal strength value (for a successful activation, this number should be between -40 and -98 DbM and it should not be fluctuating). Also make note of the PIN number of the device in case you need to contact us by phone for further troubleshooting.

5. Verify that BlackBerry Service is enabled for this user in HostPilot┬« Control Panel.

Once your device is properly provisioned with your provider, you will need to log in to HostPilot and navigate to the Users page or the Services > Mailboxes > Mobile > BlackBerry page and enable the service for the mailbox in question. An email with activation instructions will be sent to you when you enable the service.

6. Verify that activation password for the user is still valid.

For your security, BlackBerry activation passwords expire after 48 hours.

To get a new password:

  1. Log in to HostPilot and navigate to the to the Services > Mailboxes > Mobile > BlackBerry page.
  2. Click the display name of the mailbox you are activating.
  3. Once the Device Status page loads, click the Reset password button and you will be prompted to enter a new activation password.

7. Attempt to perform activation using the alias of the mailbox instead of the primary email address.

Read the Knowledge Base article on What is the domain? for more information.

8. Disable any forwarding on the user's mailbox.

To disable forwarding on a mailbox:

  1. Log in to HostPilot and navigate to Services > Mailboxes > Exchange Mailboxes.
  2. Click the email address or display name of the affected user, find Forward Mail to and click the red cross to disable forwarding.
  3. Confirm the action.

If emails happen to be forwarded to another Exchange BlackBerry-enabled user, then there may be an issue with activation. When an activation (ETP) message is sent from a BlackBerry device to this user's mailbox, it will eventually come to the BlackBerry server in 2 instances for 2 different valid users and so activation may not go through. For this reason, we recommended disabling forwarding while activating. Once activation is complete, you can enable forwarding again.

9. Disable Junk Email filtering on the user's mailbox.

Please disable junk mail filtering and any 3rd-party spam filters you may be running, then attempt activation again. After you activate the device, you may turn junk mail filtering back on.
In Outlook: Go to Tools > Options > Junk Email
In Outlook 2010: Home > Junk (in the Delete section) > Junk Email Options

In OWA: Go to Options > Junk Email
In OWA 2010: Options > See All Options > Block or Allow

10. Remove the battery from the back of the device and leave it out for 10 seconds, then replace the battery and attempt activation again.

11. Delete Service Books on the device.

To delete Service Books, go to the main menu of the device, then go to Tools or Options (depending on the device), and choose the Service Books menu. Delete all service books. Then remove the battery for 10 seconds and replace the battery. Attempt activation again.

12. Wipe your device and attempt activation again.

Warning: Performing a security wipe of the handheld will erase all data from the device. To perform a security wipe, go to the main menu of the device, then go to Tools or Options (depending on the device), choose the Security menu, click the track wheel once, then choose Wipe Handheld. When prompted, type "blackberry" to confirm your desire to wipe the handheld. Attempt activation again.

If none of the above troubleshooting steps have resolved your activation issues, contact our Technical Support team.

When contacting Support, please provide the following troubleshooting information:

  • Signal strength of the device
  • Device PIN number
  • Software version on device 
  • Device model
  • Wireless provider

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