You can migrate POP/IMAP mailboxes created on a Shared Web Hosting or Custom Mail account to a Shared Exchange account. All your Exchange and POP/IMAP mailboxes will work under your current domain name.

To migrate mailboxes from your Shared Web Hosting or Custom Mail account to a Shared Exchange Hosting account:

  1. Create an Exchange account
  2. Contact Technical Support to add the domain name to the Exchange account and enable the Split domain option
  3. Create mailboxes on the Exchange account
  4. Migrate the data. For data migration, you may either connect to both mailboxes with the same mail client and move the data from one to the other or export and then import .pst files using Outlook or Outlook Backup solution.

Note: Migration of contacts needs to be performed using CSV files instead of PST. Exporting IMAP contacts to a PST file is not possible.

If you have an Exchange account already with your domain name split, then you only need to follow steps 3 and 4.

New Exchange mailboxes will share the same addresses with corresponding POP/IMAP mailboxes. Migrated POP/IMAP mailboxes can still be accessed via mail client with the same settings and using webmail interface. POP/IMAP mailboxes can be deleted once they are migrated.

Note: Migrate to Exchange button is no longer available.