Many mail delivery issues can be diagnosed and resolved without the assistance of Intermedia Technical Support. In the case that you or someone sending mail to you is receiving an error message, the first thing to do is to read the error message, and visit any URLs mentioned in that error message. We also have some common error messages published and explained in more detail in the following Knowledge Base articles:

If your issue is not addressed in the articles above, you should contact Intermedia Technical Support for further assistance. Before reporting mail delivery issues to Intermedia Technical Support, please collect the following information, as we will need this information to be able to assist you.

If you have an issue is with sending mail, please provide us with:

  • The exact error message you are receiving (please send us a screenshot of the error or the exact wording). Read one of the following Knowledge Base articles for information on creating a screenshot: How do I create a screenshot on Windows? How do I create a screenshot on Mac OS?
  • If your mail is bouncing back to you after you have sent it, please send us the entire bounce message, along with the complete headers of that message. Read the Knowledge Base article on What are complete headers? How do I get them? for more information.
  • The email address and password for the mailbox that cannot send mail.
  • The recipient's email address.
  • The exact version of the desktop mail client you are using/model and OS version of a mobile device and the settings you are using (if you’re unsure, please send us screenshots of your settings). 
  • Can you send the same message using Outlook Web Access?

If you have an issue receiving mail, please provide us with: 

  • The entire bounce message, with complete headers, that the sender is receiving. Read the Knowledge Base article on What are complete headers? How do I get them? for more information.
  • If the mail is not being rejected, but you have not received it, then we will need to check our logs for delivery. You can submit a Message Track request or we will need the following information for checking the mail logs:
    • The FROM (sender's) email address.
    • The TO (recipient's) email address(es).
    • Message Subject.
    • The approximate date, time, and the time zone that references when the message was sent (please note we will need to convert the time you provide us to GMT or PST, depending on which server your logs are on).
    • The IP address of the SMTP (sending) server (please verify this information with your sender).
  • You can then submit this information as an Extended Service request using HostPilot Control Panel > Support (the link in the page header in the top right corner) > Extended Services > Message Track. Please note that we perform message tracking for emails received/sent within the last 7 days only.