The most common reasons for Entourage database corruption are:

  • There were more than 3000 items in top-level folders. If the user exceeds the recommended limit, plenty of issues may appear including Entourage database corruption. Read the Knowledge Base article Outlook: Improving Performance for more information.
  • The mailbox size was too large. We recommend that you keep the mailbox size below 4 GB. In Entourage X, the database cannot grow over 4 GB; later Entourage versions have no size limit, but there is a limit of 2 million items in the Entourage database. This means database items, not Entourage objects (such as messages, contacts, events, etc.), so an email or news message is actually 2 database items. So the limit is effectively just under 1 million messages. Even though there is no strict mailbox size limit for Entourage 2004 or 2008, it is recommended that a mailbox does not exceed 4 GB.

The most common symptoms of database corruption are loss of messages and changes in database size to some abnormally low value, such as a few megabytes.

To resolve the issue most effectively, follow the steps below:

  1. Have the end user upgrade to the latest version of Entourage and install all updates.
    Note: If your plan includes Outlook and Entourage, the latest version of Entourage can be downloaded from the HostPilot > Get Started > Step 2 > Download Entourage page.
  2. Create a new Entourage identity using the instructions on the HostPilot > Get Started > Step 2 > Entourage Setup Instructions page.
  3. Log in to Outlook Web Access and verify whether all messages are on the server. If you notice the loss of items, you have two options:
  4. To prevent future Entourage database corruption, have the end user check that there are no folders that contain more than 3,000 items and that the mailbox is not too large. The end user may want to archive old items to avoid future database corruption.

Alternatively, you may want to rebuild the Entourage database using the Database Utility. Please note that this is not something we support and it should be done at your own risk. You may refer to the Entourage article Rebuild Your Database for more information.