The table below lists user properties that can be imported from a CSV file using mass import. You can also  download a template for a CSV file.

Important Notes:

  • The CSV file must have column headers.
  • All properties should be in the order listed in the table below.
  • You will be able to verify whether all user properties were imported only after the initial user import. Prior to import, on the validation step, you can verify only Display Name and UPN properties.
  • Country and State values should match the ones listed in the dropdown on the User Properties page in HostPilot. Other values will not be imported.
  • Each field has a maximum length limitation. Some properties may be imported but cut off, if they exceed Intermedia field length requirements.
  • Display Name and Email Address / UserPrincipalName fields are mandatory.
# Columns Name of user property in HostPilot Active Directory property name
1 Column A Display Name displayName
2 Column B Email Address / UserPrincipalName mail / userPrincipalName
3 Column C First Name givenName
4 Column D Last Name sn
5 Column E Initials initials
6 Column F Company company
7 Column G Job Title title
8 Column H Department department
9 Column I Business Phone telephoneNumber
10 Column J Mobile Phone mobile
11 Column K Home Phone homePhone
12 Column L Web Page wWWHomePage
13 Column M Fax facsimileTelephoneNumber
14 Column N Office Location physicalDeliveryOfficeName
15 Column O Street Address streetAddress
16 Column P City l
17 Column Q State st
18 Column R Zip/Postal Code postalCode
19 Column S Country co
20 Column T Notes info