You can schedule regular backups of users' mailboxes to make sure you don't lose any data, or to maintain a full archive of users' emails. These backups are full mailbox backups, and as with the rest of the Outlook Backup functionality, we create a separate file for each mailbox backup which is stored on the FTP server (not Exchange server).

To create a scheduled backup task for a mailbox or group of mailboxes, log in to HostPilot, navigate to the Users & Services > Outlook Backup > Backup Schedules and follow the instructions below.

         Backup Schedules

  1. Click the Create Backup button. 

    Create Schedule

    Schedule List

  2. Select options for your backup task.
    The Schedule Settings section allows you to choose when to run backup tasks and their recurrence.
    • Schedule Name: The specified backup name will be appended to each default mailbox PST filename specified, in the format of <scheduledbackup_name>_<mailboxname>.
    • Backup Every: You can choose whether to backup mailboxes
      • Monthly: Choose whether to make backups on a certain day of the month or on a specific day of the week.
      • Weekly: Choose the day of the week for running the backup task.
      • One-time: Choose the date for performing a one-time backup.
    • Start no earlier than: Specify time in Eastern Time. Important note: We cannot guarantee that the backup task will start exactly at the time specified. The time is used to put the task in the queue, so the actual time that the backup task will start running depends on the server load at that time.
    • Full Backup: Check this option to back up whole mailbox. If you uncheck you will be able to select specific default folders for backup.
  3. Set up a Retention policy to avoid exceeding storage limits by removing unnecessary PST files.
  4. Choose which mailboxes will be backed up. Click the Add mailboxes to backup button to choose mailboxes > check the box(es) next to user(s) > click Select.
  5. Click the Create Backup button. This will create a backup with the given name. A notification will be sent to the Account Owner email address with all scheduled backup settings. Unlike other operations in Outlook Backup, no more notifications will be sent to end users when the scheduled task occurs.

    Schedule Creation

To delete scheduled backup tasks, check the boxes next to tasks you want to delete and click Delete. This button does not delete any files or mailboxes, but removes a scheduled task.

Note: disk space used by PST files created by schedules is included in Outlook Backup Disk Usage. This is the disk space PST files occupy on the FTP server, which is not your Exchange server.

After the backup task is created, you can manage scheduled tasks on the Outlook Backup > Backup Schedules tab.

  • Click Scheduled Backup Name to modify schedule settings.
  • Click the number in the Mailboxes to backup column to view mailboxes included to be backed up.
  • To view PST files created by the task, click the number in the PST Files column.

You may remove outdated and restored PST files from Outlook Backup without affecting existing Exchange mailbox data.