Migration from older platforms to Windows 2008\IIS7 is free .

The setup fee will not be charged for the new account creation. Also, the monthly fee for the new account will not be applied for the current month. 

The migration process contains following steps:

  1. Customer: Submitting migration request.
    To submit the migration request please navigate to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Account > Plan & Pricing Information > click on Change Platform link (on the top) > specify new account name in the User name field, select a Windows 2008 in the Platform drop-down list, select the desired Plan and hit Submit button. It places the migration request to Support queue.
  2. Support: New account creation and copying the website content.
    Support creates new account on Windows 2008 plan (it includes copying current Account information) and copies content of the Web/FTP server running on the current plan to the Web/FTP server running on Windows 2008. Once this is completed Support sends you the message with the further instructions.
  3. Customer: Checking the website running on Windows 2008
    - Please follow the instructions provided by Support in the message confirming the website content copied as there could be additional steps you need to take to configure the website running on Windows 2008.
    - Please check the website running on Windows 2008 using it's default domain name http://newaccountname.serveronline.net.
    Once these two sub-steps are done you are ready to move modules (mail server, domain name(s), SQL servers, etc.) to the new account. Please do not do it yourself. Instead, contact Support and request that we move your modules for you.
  4. Support: Moving modules to Windows 2008 account.
    Once you confirmed the website is working properly on Windows 2008 account and you are ready to move modules (mail server, domain name(s), SQL servers, etc.) Support moves modules to the new account.  On this step the website related DNS records are being re-pointed to the Windows 2008 website. We re-assign the mail server, SQL server, other modules as they are and no changes on their client side needed. Once modules are moved Support sends you the confirmation about it.
  5. Customer: termination of the old account.
    After step 4 is done you need to wait for the propagation to complete (it may take up to 2 days) you should terminate your old account to avoid double charges for having two accounts.

Note 1: Due to the difference in Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 Servers setups some items can not be copied automatically.

  • Site Users
    There is a System User created for Windows 2008 account automatically - <new_account_name>@<new_account_name>.serveronline.net. To create additional Site Users please navigate to the HostPilot > Users > Create User.
  • MS Access databases
    Windows 2008 Server has only SQL databases drivers installed: MSSQL and MySQL. In case your current website uses MS Access database you need to export it's data to SQL Server: How To Export Access Databases To SQL Server?
  • ODBC Data Sources
    If you current account has ODBC Data Source created in the HostPilot > Web/FTP Server > Web Server > ODBC Data Sources page you will need to create a connection string via IIS Remote manager (or add it to your web.config) as described in our Knowledge Base article at How To Add ODBC Data Sources (DSN) On Windows Account?  (Windows 2008 section)
  • SSL Certificate
    In order to copy the SSL Certificate to the new Windows 2008 account we will need you to submit the Dedicated IP address for IIS7 account request via the HostPilot > Support > Extended Services.
  • Scheduled Tasks
    To set the Scheduled Tasks for your new account please submit the Create Scheduled Task on Windows 2008 request via the HostPilot > Support > Extended Services.
  • MSSQL 2000/2005
    Since the MSSQL 2000/2005 are not supported on Windows 2008 platform we will need you to "move" databases to MSSQL 2008 Server as described in our Knowledge Base article at How To Migrate Databases Between MSSQL Servers?

Note 2: Some technologies (FrontPage, SharePoint, ASP Components bundle (including ASPMail component)) were deprecated on Windows 2008 platform.   For more information please see our Knowledge Base article Deprecated components in Windows 2008/IIS7 

Note 3: In case the DNS records for your domain name(s) are hosted with non-Intermedia Name Servers you will need to update them from your end on step 4. To do so you may need to contact your DNS provider for assistance.

Note 4: In case your old account is on 12 months contract term, the Change Platform option will be unavailable for you. To start the migration you may simply contact Support asking to initiate the migration from our end, and specify the new account name and plan.
Customer Service transfers the pre-paid balance from the old account to the new account.