1. To create a new connection for your Web site you need open Site > New Site... in the menu.

If you do not want to configure all the settings of your site project, in the Site Definition window you may switch from the Basic tab to Advanced that will let you set up only the necessary features.

2. In the Category tree you can select Local Info that is the main section that describes your project.

  • Site name - is the name of your project that will be used by Dreamveawer.
  • Local root folder - this is the folder on your computer to be used for storing local copies of your Web site files.
  • HTTP address - in this field you need to enter your Web site domain name (or IP address) that will be used for browsing to your Web site.

3.    The next section you need to configure is Remote Info. In the Access drop-down list you should select FTP method.

  • FTP Host - type in the domain name of your FTP server into this field.
  • Host directory - specify Htdocs/ to be used as your initial host directory (or leave it blank in case your site user home directory already points to /Htdocs).
  • Login - enter your FTP username.
  • Password - enter the password for your FTP user.
  • FTP passive mode - is can be recommended to turn this option On to prevent a number of connection issues.

Press Ok to save your changes and close the window.

Having performed the above steps you should create an FTP connection to your Web site. Now you can use Dreamweaver to create your Web pages.

If you have already created your Web site and placed it`s files into the previously specified Local root folder on your computer, you can go ahead and publish it on to the server.

1. Press Expand to show local and remote sites in Dreamweaver tool window as shown on the picture below.

This will open you a new window where you can see your local site folder and your server home folder separated.

2. If you haven't yet connected to the remote Web server, you can do this by using Connect to remote host button in tool panel.

3. To copy single or a bunch of files from your local computer to the server you need to select the desired files and make use of the Put command from the pop-up menu.