This article describes how to publish your application with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to your Web site on Windows 2008\IIS7 platform.


1.    As FrontPage extensions are not supported on Intermedia Windows 2008 Web hosting platfrom, the first step is to create a WebDAV connection to your Web site. The mapped network drive will be used later to publish your application.

2.    In Visual Studio select "File > New Web Site..." from the menu to create new project for your Web site.

3.    When a dialog box opens select "ASP.NET Web Site" in the "Templates" section, from the "Language" drop-down you can select "Visual C#" (as in our example). In the "Location" please set "File System" and when prompted choose the previously created mapped network drive.

If you need to create your application below the application root, you should add it`s Physical Path following the name of the network drive into the "Location" field (you can check what is the Physical Path of your application on the "HostPilot > Web/FTP Server > Applications/Virtual Directories" page).

4.    After your application is created and ready to be published you need to use "Build > Build Web Site" option from the Visual Studio menu.


Note: In the current connection method it is not possible to manage your application settings from the Visual Studio interface and you should use your HostPilot instead ("Web/FTP Server > Applications/Virtual Directories" and "Web/FTP Server > Application Pools" pages).