This article would show you how to set up a Community Server on Windows 2008 Web Hosting account.

1.    Downloading the Community Server package

Testing done in this article was made using the Community Server version 2008.5 SP2 4.1.40407.4157, which could be downloaded from web site.
By the way Community Server Express Edition is 100% FREE to download from
You would need to register on this web site and after that you will get notification email with the link where the .zip package of the Community Server could be uploaded.

2.    Preparing your Web Hosting account

a. Since you have downloaded the CS you would need to un-zip it and upload to the folder on your Win 2008 Server Account.


*Note: The Upload process could take a lot of time as there are about 2000 files to be uploaded so in case you want to make it much faster – please feel free to upload the Community Server in the .zip package and then contact support in order to get in un zipped from the server side.
There are different ways how the connection with your Web Hosting Server could be established: you can connect using ftp or WebDav connections in order how to do that please refer to the following articles:

1. What is WebDav? How can I use WebDAV?

2. How Do I Access My Server via FTP?
From this screenshot you may see where all the IP’s could be located in HostPilot (also you may see the Hints in the right frame – they would navigate you to the previously mentioned articles):

b. When the data is uploaded to the root folder, you would need to set up a SQL database that would be used by the Community Server.

Here you can see that we created the database with the name Community ServerDB and set up Database Owner with the name “Setup” – this user would be used by the Community Server to access this database.

3.    Installation of the Community Server.

a. First you would need to enable Auto Install functionality. We recommend you to do the following:

- Find the following file that is located on your local PC in the folder where you store the Community Server data. (In the Community Server root folder open \Installer\default.aspx file.)

- Modify the following line in default.aspx file :
So it would look like the following:

- Then using ftp/webdav upload the modified file to your Win 2008 account and replace the old default.aspx file with the new one.

b. Next please use the following link to run the instalation. If it is ok you will see the following welcome screen:

- To set up the connection between your Database and Community Server please us the IP address provided on the page MSSQL 2008 Server > Databases, username and password that you previously set up Database. (we recommend to use SQL Server authentication)


- If the login credentials / IP address are wrong you will see the red notification. Please re set the password for your DB user or make sure that IP is the right one.

- If you put the credentials and IP correctly you will see the dropdown list with the available Database. Please choose you DB and hit next.

- We recommend you to keep all the next options as they are set up by the default as you could affect your installation process right now.

- After the installation would be completed you will be able to see the following default blog template on your home page:

- If you completed the installation successfully please do not forget to erase the Installer directory from your web account folder so Installation could not be re run again.

Please feel free to refer to the original set up article which was used to do testing on our side: