Upon termination of an account with Exchange services, the data contained within the account (mailboxes, DNS, domains, etc.) is kept on the server for 30 days. This is done as a courtesy to make reprovisioning much easier, should it become necessary.

This is relevant to you as an email recipient if another subscriber of our services attempts to email your domain. The system will still attempt to deliver to HostPilot, because the DNS information is still on our servers. To prevent this from happening, simply remove the domain in the Control Panel prior to account termination. You can do this in the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Domains.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Data Portability Options to learn how to migrate your data out of Intermedia.

To terminate the whole Exchange account, the account owner needs to log into HostPilot > Account > Legal > click Termination.


Note: you may receive a final bill after you terminate your account.

If the Termination option is missing or you have any questions regarding the cancellation of the account, contact Customer Service for further assistance.