If you cannot connect to the FTP server, please try the steps below:

  1. Verify that you are using correct connection settings in the FTP client. You may find these settings in HostPilot. Navigate to the Services > Outlook Backup > click the Backups button.
  2. Check your password. The most common reason for connection failures is an incorrect password used to connect. Note that in the FTP client, you should use the same password you are using to log in to HostPilot.
  3. Make sure that you have Maximum Number of Retries set to 99 in the FileZilla Settings, instead of the default.
  4. Try another FTP client on the same computer. It's possible that FTP client settings are preventing successful connection.
  5. Make sure your firewall is not blocking connections. Contact your IT department or ISP and verify that port 990 is not blocked.

If you see one of the following errors, contact Support for resolution:

  • 500 DELE command not allowed. Provide Support with file names which caused this error.
  • Failed to retrieve directory listing. Provide Support with administrator login and password which you used for FTP client.

If you still see the issue and none of the steps above resolved it, please provide Intermedia Support the following information:

  • FTP client log file or screenshot indicating unsuccessful connections;
  • Results from running "telnet [hostname] 990" on the affected computer. Replace [hostname] with the name of the Host you are connecting to (go to Services > Outlook Backup > click Backups button to find the Host name). Read the Knowledge Base article on What is Telnet? How do I run it? for more information.
  • Results from running "tracert [hostname]". Read the Knowledge Base article on What is a trace route (tracert)? How do I run one? for more information.