1. Download and install Znode Storefront on your local machine.
2. Compile the store using Visual Studio and upload it to your site.
3. Log into 'HostPilot > Web/FTP Server > Applications/Virtual Directories' and turn the folder with compiled storefront into an application. In our example, the folder is called "Web".


4. Follow to 'Web/FTP Server > Application Pools' and set "Pipeline Mode" for your application pool to Classic.


5. Follow to 'MSSQL 2008 Server > Logins' and create a SQL login there.
6. Follow to 'MSSQL 2008 Server > Databases' page, create a SQL database for your storefront and make the SQL login you have created earlier the owner of this database. Set at least 20 MB for the database size.


7. Access the database using MS SQL Management Studio and execute the database creation script supplied with the install package. As we have already created the database using HostPilot, you need to modify the supplied script and delete lines where it creates the database:

    IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sysdatabases WHERE name='znode_storefront')
    DROP DATABASE znode_storefront 
    CREATE DATABASE znode_storefront

Execute the script. It is pretty long, so give it some time.

The reason why you cannot just use the default version is because in shared environment SQL logins are not allowed to create databases. This operation can be done only using HostPilot.

Database script

8. Update storefront web.config file with the correct SQL server IP address, database name, login and password.
9. Access the storefront (in our example, the URL is http://username.serveronline.net/web/default.aspx) and activate it.
10. If all is done correctly, you should see the storefront working :)


For more information, please refer to Znode Online Help: http://help.znode.com