1. Download nopCommerce and upload it to your site.

2. Log into 'HostPilot > Web/FTP Server > Applications/Virtual Directories' and turn the folder with storefront scripts into an application. By default, the folder is called "NopCommerceStore".

IIS app

3. Follow to 'MSSQL 2008 Server > Logins' and create a SQL login there.

4. Follow to 'MSSQL 2008 Server > Databases' page, create a SQL database for your storefront and make the SQL login you have created earlier the owner of this database. Set at least 10 MB for the database size.


5. Access the store via browser at http://yourdomain.com/nopcommercestore and follow the wizard. In our example, the domain name is the default autodomain aka "username.serveronline.net".


6. On the second page of the wizard, type in your SQL server IP address and specify SQL login and password for the store database.

Wizard 2

7. On the third page, enter the database name. Once you click "Next", the wizard will execute its SQL scripts and create database structure.

Wizard 3

8. You can now access the store!


For more information, please refer to nopCommerce Documentation http://www.nopcommerce.com/Documentation.aspx