This article gives instructions on configuring the FileZilla FTP client to work with the Outlook Backup tool. You may need to use it for uploading and downloading multiple PSTs.

Important: Only Account Contacts with Technical Administrator role and Outlook Backup service assigned can use their credentials to access FTP servers. Read the Knowledge Base article on Account Contacts And Contact Roles for more information.

Note: You cannot DELETE PST files from the FTP server using FileZilla. Please use HostPilotĀ® Control Panel instead.

  1. Download FileZilla, install it with default settings and start the program.
  2. Find settings for FTP access in HostPilot:
    • Outlook Backup 
    • Outlook Backup For Microsoft 365

      Outlook Backup
    • Navigate to Services > Outlook Backup. Click Backups.
    • On the right-hand side find FTP Access section where you will see settings for configuring FileZilla. 

      Outlook Backup for Microsoft 365
    • Navigate to Services > Outlook Backup > Users > Upload PST file.
  3. In the FileZilla Quickconnect bar, enter the appropriate settings. Click the Quickconnect button.
  4. In the Local site area, browse to the folder with PST files for upload or the folder you want to download files to. In the section below the folder list, you will see the files in the selected folder.

  5. In the Remote site area, expand the root directory ("/") and click the folder with the name of your Exchange account and then Upload subfolder. In the section below the folder list, you will see the files on the server.

  • To upload a file from a folder on your computer to FTP, double-click the PST file in Local site. To download a PST file, double-click the PST file in Remote site.
  • To refresh folders, press F5 on the keyboard.

If you cannot upload/download PST files or connect to Remote site, read the Knowledge Base article on Outlook Backup: Troubleshooting FTP Connection Issues.