This article shows an example of results on the iPhone after synchronizing with a mailbox that has a complex subfolder structure.

This screenshot shows an example folder structure in Outlook:

Mail folder synchronization

Under Mail on iPhone you can see all the mail folders, including subfolders and other folders on the same level as the Inbox. Folders are displayed in a tree view, and subfolders appear under the parent folder, exactly as in Outlook. You may see the content of each folder by simply tapping it once.

Calendar synchronization

Under Calendar on the iPhone, you can see all the calendar folders and subfolders in one list. Each calendar has its own color. You can choose to view one calendar or events from all calendars. To view events from all calendars, tap All. You will see appointments displayed in the color that corresponds to each folder's individual color.


Contacts synchronization

Similarly to calendars, the Contacts application syncs all the folders and subfolders and shows them all in one list. Clicking on All Contacts shows all the contacts from all folders and subfolders in one list.

Note: Global Address List cannot be synced to iOS devices. You can only perform GAL lookups or import the copy of Global Address List to the Contacts folder as described below.

Looking up info from the Global Address List

If you tap on Exchange Global Address list, you can perform a lookup in the company address book (Global Address List, or GAL).

Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Perform GAL Lookups Using My iPhone/iPad? for more information.


Importing a copy of Global Address List to the Contacts Folder

In Outlook desktop client navigate to Contacts > Home > Address Book

Select the Address book you want to export from and click on the contact in question or hold left mouse button and drag the cursor to select multiple contacts.
Right-click on the selected contacts and choose Add to Contacts. This will add them to personal Contacts folder which synchronizes with the mobile device.

Note: Any changes or new entries in Global Address List made after import is complete will not be synchronized to the Contacts folder.