There are two common scenarios for issues with duplicate messages on a BlackBerry device. Determine which scenario describes your issue, and read the corresponding recommendations.

  • Scenario #1: Duplicate messages may appear on the BlackBerry device after you read, forward or reply to the message in Outlook or Outlook Web Access.
  • Scenario #2: Incoming or random messages are duplicated.

Scenario #1:

The most common cause of duplicates is having a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) account configured on the device instead of BlackBerry Enterprise service activation.

When an email is received on the Exchange server, it is assigned a corresponding UID (Unique Identifier) which is used to determine if a message has been downloaded or not. When you respond to the message, it is assigned another UID, and because this no longer has the original UID, it would be deemed as a new message and downloaded again. The BlackBerry Internet Service downloads any email message with an email message UID that it did not find during the previous connection.

Scenario #2:

If the user receives duplicates on the BlackBerry device, the main troubleshooting step is to identify which service delivered the messages to the device: BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) or BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).

Intermedia does not support BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). We recommend BlackBerry Enterprise service instead. It will work properly and we will be able to correct the server configuration if we see something wrong there.

To check which service was used to deliver a message, open the message, scroll up and check the Received Using field. If the message is received through BES, it will show Desktop (Secure). If it shows something different, it means it was received through BIS. For example, if it was a BIS account through which the message was routed to the device, messages will show that they were received using an email address, like this:

Received using:

In some cases, messages may still be delivered through a BIS account even if the account was deleted. In this case it will show Received using: Uknown. If you see this, we recommend performing a soft reset of the device. If this doesn't help, you may need to wipe the device. Read the Knowledge Base article on How to wipe the BlackBerry clean and set it up again for more information.

If it is still unclear why duplicates appear on the BlackBerry device, you may want to check the folder that duplicates were delivered to, and verify if duplicates have the same ID (Reference ID). Please follow the steps below for each duplicate message:

  1. On the BlackBerry device, hold down the ALT button and type “view”.
  2. As a result, you will see RefID (Reference ID) and other message details on the screen.
    Example of a RefID: -1406576098
    Additional information that becomes available:
    • FolderID (example: -3 for Inbox) 
    • Service book used (example: “Desktop (Secure)”)
    • Folder (example: “Inbox”)
    • Message status (example: “Opened”)

If you keep receiving duplicate messages, contact Support with detailed information about duplicates retrieved during the above troubleshooting.