1. Download Joomla installation package, extract files into you local PC and upload them into your hosted web server via FTP. You should place installation files into your web root directory '/htdocs' or into sub-directory of '/Htdocs'.
  2. Install MySQL server from "HostPilot > MySQL server > Install" page.

  3. Create MySQL login from "HostPilot > MySQL server > Logins" page.
  4. Create MySQL database from "HostPilot > MySQL server > Databases" page.
  5. Add 'index.php' to the list of the Default Documents. You can do that via Microsoft IIS Remote Manager by clicking on 'Default Document' option and adding 'index.php' into the list of defaults documents.

  6. Run the Joomla web installer http://account_name.serveronline.net. You can use the default autodomain name account_name.serveronline.net to run the installer.  
  7. Follow the default prompts until the 'Database Configuration' page. You need to enter the following settings there and press on 'Next' button:
    • Database Type: choose 'mysql'
    • Host Name: enter the name of the MySQL server (you can check the name of your MySQL server at "HostPilot > MySQL server > Databases" page)
    • Username: enter the MySQL login which you created earlier
    • Password: enter the password of the MySQL login
    • Database Name: enter the name of MySQL database which you created earlier 

  8. At the 'FTP Configuration' page you need to enter the following settings:
    • FTP User: enter your owner account name 'account_name@account_name.serveronline.net'(the same like you are using to connect to your web site via FTP).
    • FTP Password: the password of your owner account.
    • FTP Root Path: /

  9. At the 'Main Configuration' page you need to enter the name of your web site, contact address and password of the Joomla Administrator Control Panel.
  10. Delete the '/htdocs/installation/' directory via FTP.
  11. Load your Joomla web site at http://joomla.serveronline.net/ and Joomla Administrator Control Panel at http://joomla.serveronline.net/administrator.