Once you have been assigned permissions to send as a distribution list, you will need to set up the "Send As" ability for the user in Entourage. This article provides instructions for:

Entourage 2004/2008:

  1. In Entourage, go to Tools > Accounts and double-click on the listing for the Exchange account.
  2. In the Edit Account window, select the Delegate tab.
  3. Under Users I am a delegate for, click on Add.
    Edit Account
  4. In the Select User window, enter the display name or email address associated with the distribution list in the search box and click on Find. Select the distribution list in the results and click on OK.
    Select User
  5. Click on OK in the Edit Account window and close out of the Accounts window.
  6. Now that you have set up the delegate permissions, the user will be able to select the primary mailbox or the distribution list as the sender address when composing a message. To do this, the user should create a new message, click the arrow next to the From field, and select the desired sender address from the list.
    New Email

Entourage Web Services:

  1. In Entourage Web Services, go to Tools > Accounts, click on New, and choose Mail.
  2. In the E-mail address field enter the address of the distribution list you are going to send from. Don't check the 'My account is on an Exchange server' option. Click on Configure Account Manually.
  3. On the Account Settings tab, make sure the POP/IMAP server field and the password field next to it are left blank. Enter the SMTP server name and click on Click here for advanced sending options (you can find the SMTP server name in HostPilot > Get started > Advanced settings > Outgoing mail (SMTP)).
  4. Select the options 'SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL)' and 'SMTP server requires authentication'. Select 'Log on using'. In the Account ID and Password fields enter the email address and password for your own mailbox.
  5. Save the changes and save your account. Disregard all messages and warnings about account information being incomplete because of empty fields.
    Note: If Entourage prompts you to include this account in your send/receive schedule, do NOT choose this option.
  6. When sending a new message, select the appropriate account to send from in the From field of the message.