Exchange allows you to create mailboxes in different locations, also called sites. Intermedia provides two possible mailbox locations: East Site and West Site. Please note that mailboxes cannot be moved from one location to another through HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.

To create a mailbox at a specific site:

  1. Create an organizational unit (OU) and specify the desired Default Mailbox Location. The Default Mailbox Location setting determines the default site for all newly created mailboxes in this organizational unit.
    1. Navigate to Users > Organizational Units.
    2. Click Create New Organizational Unit button.
    3. Type the OU name.
    4. In Default Mailbox Location, select the desired site.
    5. Click Create New Organizational Unit
      New OU
  2. Navigate to the Users page and click Create User. 
  3. Select the Exchange checkbox. Enter the required user information.
  4. In the Organizational Unit box, select the desired OU.
    New User In OU
  5. To create multiple users, click the Add another user link.
  6. Click Create.

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Enabling Exchange Service for existing users

To enable Exchange service for an existing user, select the Exchange checkbox next to the user on the Users page in HostPilot. The mailbox will be created in the same organizational unit where the user was created (see instructions above). You cannot move an existing user to a different location, even by changing the organizational unit.

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Mass User Import

For details about importing multiple users at once, read the Knowledge Base article on Mass User Import. When importing, you will be able to select an organizational unit if at least one OU has already been created. Otherwise, all users will be created in the default location, which you can view on the Get Started Here! page under the Advanced Exchange Settings link.

Read the Knowledge  Base article on How do I create new mailboxes in Exchange account? for more information.

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