Important: User-based encryption is reaching end of life. Read the Knowledge Base article on User-Based Encryption End Of Life for more information.

If you are experiencing some issues with the Secure Mail add-in, you may need to perform the following steps:

  • Download the most recent copy of the Secure Mail plug-in from the following link:
  • Check user's status in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Exchange Mailboxes > click on user in question > User-based Email Encryption. As long as user's status is Active, you can uninstall and re-install the plug-in and choose Activate my software now with the same Secure ID password which user set when Secure Mail was first installed.


    If the status of the user is Locked, account administrator may Unlock it.

    If the status is Pending, the user did not activate the software yet. Account administrator may Resend Activation Email and follow Step 2. Activate your Secure ID from the Knowledge Base article on Getting Started With User-based Email Encryption.
    If the status is Enrolled, the user did not complete the activation, but the Activation code specified during Secure ID activation was accepted. Please contact support if you performed all the steps of the Activation wizard, but there is still an Enrolled status for the user. In case the Activation was not finished, please document the step which could not be completed and also reach Support.

  • Disable all plug-ins except for Secure Mail (EWRibbonExt Class) in Outlook 2010/2013 > File > Options > (Outlook 2007 > Tools > Trust Center) > Add-Ins > COM > uncheck all boxes. Verify Secure Mail behavior. If improved, enable plugins one by one to determine which one is conflicting with Secure Mail.
  • Make sure Outlook client is running in cached mode.

If the issues still persist contact Support, and provide the following information: 

- Outlook version.
- Secure Mail plugin version.
- List of Outlook plugins.
- Secure Mail logs. The Secure Mail logs can be found on your local computer under Start > Programs > Tools & Settings:

  • On Home screen click on ver 7.2.1 (or older) > Change log settings > select Debug from drop-down > Save Changes.
  • Click on View Log File > copy logs to .TXT file and provide to Support.