Microsoft Communicator Mobile is a presence and instant messaging application for compatible Nokia devices. It is able to connect directly to Microsoft Office Communications Server. This mobile application delivers a similar presence and instant messaging user experience as it does on the PC-based Microsoft Communicator. For additional information on this product, please see

To set up Microsoft Communicator Mobile on a Nokia device:

  1. Make sure that Office Communicator (OCS) is enabled for the user. To activate OCS service for the user, in HostPilot navigate to Services > OCS 2007. Check the box next to users you would like to activate and click the Proceed button to complete activation. 
  2. Download and install Communicator Mobile directly to a compatible Nokia device from the Ovi Store: The software can be downloaded for free. Please note that you should be registered in Ovi Store. You can also register when downloading the application. Communicator Mobile is not available for download if your device is not supported.
    Supported devices:
    • Nokia E51, Nokia E63, Nokia E66, Nokia E71 and Nokia N95 or later versions of the same series
    • Nokia S40 5.1 or later devices
  3. Open Microsoft Communicator Mobile on the device.
  4. In the application, navigate to Options > Settings.
  5. Fill in the following information:
    • User name: Enter it in the format Domain\Username.
      To find the correct settings for a specific user, navigate to HostPilot > Users. Click the user's display name, then in the user settings click the display name again. The domain and username will be displayed at the bottom of the Edit User Info window.
    • Password: Enter the mailbox password.
    • Remember password: Set this option to Yes if you want to save your password for the application.
    • Server URL: To find the appropriate server URL, in HostPilot navigate to Services > OCS 2007 > View Downloads and Instructions. Click the Communicator Web Access link - this is the Server URL you need for Communicator Mobile setup.
    • Network Connection: Choose the appropriate type of connection.
    • Set Connect while roaming and Sign in on device start options according to your preferences.
  6. Click Back.
  7. Choose Options > Sign In. Communicator will authenticate with the server and populate the contact list.