MessageMirror® is an archiving service which allows you to archive users' messages. On Exchange 2007/2010 accounts, the MessageMirror mailbox has its own storage limit. There are 2GB of disk space for the service included in the price. If the MessageMirror mailbox has reached its limit, you have two options: purchase additional space, or reduce the space being used by the archive.

Option #1. Purchase additional disk space

Additional disk space can be added on in 2GB increments for an additional monthly fee.

To add additional space:

  1. Navigate to HostPilot > Services > Email Compliance > MessageMirror.
  2. Under the MessageMirror Disk Space bar, click the link Add more space.
  3. In Additional disk space purchased, select the amount of disk space you would like to purchase.
    Note: If you have already purchased additional disk space for the MessageMirror mailbox, you will see the amount already purchased in the dropdown and you will need to select 2 or 4 GB more than you have purchased already. We recommend that the sum of included disk space and additional disk space is more than the amount shown in Total MessageMirror Usage.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Option #2. Decrease the size of the MessageMirror mailbox

You can clean up the archive mailbox using a standard Outlook archiving tool (also available in Entourage).

  1. Give Full Access permissions to users who will be responsible for archiving.
    1. Navigate to HostPilot > Services > Email Compliance > MessageMirror.
    2. In Access Permissions to MessageMirror, choose All Mailboxes to give permissions to certain users.
    3. Click Save Changes.
  2. Now the user with access permissions can open the archive mailbox as an additional mailbox in his or her Outlook or Entourage profile. The name of the archive mailbox is "MessageMirror".
    For Outlook instructions, read the Knowledge Base article on How To Add Another Person's Mailbox To Your Outlook Profile.
    If you are a Mac user, use the following steps to view the MessageMirror mailbox in Entourage:
    1. Go to Tools > Accounts.
    2. Click the Exchange tab on the right.
    3. Select your Exchange account, then pick Edit or double-click the account name.
    4. Click the Delegate tab.
    5. Under Users I am a delegate for, click the Add button.
    6. In the Find section, type MessageMirror and click OK.
  3. Archive old items.
    To find out how to archive messages in Outlook and Entourage, read the following Knowledge Base articles:
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    How To Archive Your Ffolders Manually
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