Basic steps for setting up the Hosted PBX service:

  1. Add users (create users and enable Hosted PBX for them). For every user you create, you get a free telephone number . Additional phone numbers may be  purchased.
  2. Create phone numbers for your account and assign phone numbers to users. You may assign one or more phone numbers to one user; you may also assign their phone numbers to Hunt Groups and Auto Attendant.
  3. Manage users' extensions. Even though the extensions are assigned by design when a user is created, you can change them as you like. 
  4. Configure IP phones for users.
    Read the Knowledge Base article on Supported IP phones for an overview of the IP phones that are supported by Intermedia.
  5. Set up Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, and Music-on-Hold as desired.

After basic setup is complete, you can set up voice mail and Find Me, Follow Me for users, or allow users to make those settings in My Services. Read the Knowledge Base articles on How to set up voice mail and How do I set up Find Me, Follow Me (forward calls to another number)? for more information.

Additional steps for optional features:

  1. Integrate Exchange with OCS Calling
  2. Port your phone numbers to Intermedia.
  3. Set up wireless phones.

To uninstall Hosted PBX:

In HostPilot, navigate to Services > Hosted PBX and click Uninstall Hosted PBX.

Note: Only the Account Owner can uninstall the Hosted PBX module.