Extensions are optional. They can be used for internal dialing by your Hosted PBX users when they are calling each other. They are also used by the Auto Attendant and Hunt Group systems for forwarding calls to users.

Note: You can select the length of extensions (3, 4, 5 digits) when initially installing Hosted PBX service for your account:


To assign an extension to a user:

  1. In HostPilot, navigate to the Services > Hosted PBX > Manage Users page.
  2. Click the display name of the user. This opens the Edit Selected User page.
  3. Click the Hosted PBX tab.
  4. Next to the Extension field, click the Not set up link (or click on current extension number if there is one already).
  5. In the Extension box, type the number you want to use as this person's extension and click Save Changes.

The extension number is added to the user's contact card in the address book as Business Phone. If there was already a number for that field, the previous business phone is copied to the Notes section of the contact card.
Deleting a user's extension

If you want to delete a user’s extension, first check whether the user is a member of a Hunt Group or receives forwarded calls from the Auto Attendant. If so, please note that the user will be automatically removed from any Hunt Groups and from the Auto Attendant and will not be able to receive Hunt Group calls or calls forwarded from the Auto Attendant (read the Knowledge Base articles How to set up Hunt Groups and How to set up the Auto Attendant for more information).