You can control users password recovery and reset settings in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel. Password settings can be modified on account-wide and individually. Read our Knowledge Base article on Password Policy for more information on managing password settings account-wide.

Modify individual user password settings

  1. Navigate to HostPilot > Users > Click on Display Name of the user > click Edit User password settings


  2. Here you can modify user password settings:


    Note: password expiration date can show will be set after user resets his password if the user has Force user to change password at next login enabled and they have not changed it yet.

Forgot password

There is a way to allow the users to use the option Forgot password on the OWA, Intermedia UniteSecuriSync or Intermedia AnyMeeting. To do that the admin would need to add an alternate email address or Mobile Phone that would be used to send the recovery code. To add these details: log in to HostPilot > Users > click on the user > User Info > Edit User Info > fill in the Information to restore user password.

User info

Read Knowledge Base on How Do I Recover My Mailbox Password? for more information.

User cannot change password

  1. User cannot change their password through My Services Control Panel (the option for reset password on My Services page will not be available).
  2. User cannot change their password through OWA (feature available for Exchange 2013 only).
  3. Unless the admin has added the Information to restore user password, the user cannot recover their password using Forgot your password on the login page OWA, Intermedia UniteSecuriSync or Intermedia AnyMeeting.
  4. User is not prompted to provide alternate contact information (email address and mobile phone) when logging into My Services.
  5. User doesn't receive email notifications about password expiring. These messages are sent by default if Custom Password policy is enabled and Password Expiration is enabled.

Force user to change password at next login

  1. User is forced to change the password on the next login to OWA, Intermedia UniteSecuriSync or Intermedia AnyMeeting. They need to enter an old password and a new password:
  2. In Outlook the user gets the following notification:

    Outlook notification

    They need to change the password by trying to login to OWA or to My Services.
    Note: if the user has their Exchange account configured on the mobile device they can get Cannot verify the account information and Cannot connect to server notifications. They need to change the password by trying to login to OWA or to My Services.