WebFax Number allows you to receive, manage faxes via the web and send faxes directly from your Windows-based PC. Senders simply dial your WebFax Number from their fax machine and transmit their faxes. You are notified of new faxes via email or any wireless device and you can automatically receive an attached PDF of the fax with your notifications. You may view, print and forward faxes to any email address or fax machine, and, from your Windows-based PC, you can send any document you choose to one or more fax machines, as well as to your personal mailbox.


Supported Operating Platforms:

Important: Fax Upload application is not supported on Mac OS.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10


1. Login to your HostPilot > Services > Voice Services > Numbers & Extensions Tab 

2. Login to Webfax:


3. Under the faxes tab, you will see the list of received faxes for the last 90 days. You can forward, download, delete, move to saved.


4. Under Sent Fax Log you can check the status of sent faxes:


Important: when sending a fax via WebFax it will attempt to send the fax a total over 3 times with an interval of 5 mins each. 

It's a 5min interval between when a fax fails and when the next retry is attempted: 3 total attempts (initial + 2 retries)

5. In order to set up your email notifications navigate to Settings > Notification


 6. You can check your fax history under Settings > Call History:


7. You can create lists under the Group Manager tab in order to send fax messages simultaneously to a group of recipients


Enter the Group name, add participants and save changes

8. In order to send faxes directly from your PC install Fax Upload application, that can be found under Tools tab


The current limit is 1024 multi-page faxes. An account can hold an unlimited number of pages in those faxes but will return an error if the account has 1024 faxes in it, and someone attempts to send a new fax to it.

Length Limitation On Incoming Faxes Length Unlimited
Fax Capacity (regardless of page counts) 256 Faxes
Time Limit On Saved Faxes 90 Days
Page Limit For Outgoing Faxes 200 Pages

Fax Retention:

There are two options for how we handle fax notifications and retention.

  • Email Fax notification in our Admin Portal can be set to keep a copy of my new faxes or do not keep a copy of the faxes in your online fax box.


  • If faxes are stored on the Admin portal they can be deleted all at once by following the steps below: Voice Services > Numbers & Extensions > WebFax Phone Number (Click to Manage this number) >WebFax > Faxes After you are in the WebFax settings click the top box and all received faxes will be selected.


After all the Faxes are selected click the delete button, this will remove all faxes from your fax inbox that were stored on the Admin portal.


Note: Faxes which are 90 days or older are automatically deleted.