Account admin can grant Application Admin role to end-users. This allows the users to manage custom application settings within the AppID browser extension.

Read the Knowledge Base article on IntermediaAppID: Manage Users for more information on granting the role.

Note: the feature is supported in Chrome only.

To create custom apps of modify extising app settings:

  1. Navigate to the website for which you want to create a custom app
  2. Click the extension icon > Application Admin:
    Cusom Application Admin
  3. Use the popup at the bottom of the page to add / update app settings:
    • Name - app name
    • Domain - the domain of the site
    • Landing page - the landing page of the site (login page URL)
    • Category
    • Username, Password and Submit Button field selectors - click Choose and click the mouse on the login/password/submit button fields to choose the selector or click Auto-detect to fill the fields automatically
  4. Click Create / Update

Add or update new app