My Services is a Web-based management tool designed specifically for mailbox owners. Rather than asking system administrators to change mailbox settings, My Services allows email users to manage certain mailbox settings on their own. Read the Knowledge Base article on What is My Services? How does it work? for more information on My Services functionality.

For easy access, My Services is available from Outlook. Users will no longer be required to visit a separate link or present additional credentials. To log in to My Services, a user clicks on the My Services folder in the mail client.

This feature can be switched off for each individual mailbox via the Advanced tab on the Exchange Mailbox settings page in HostPilot. Account administrators can disable the feature if they choose to. If the feature is turned off, the My Services folder is not visible.

Important notes:

  • This feature is available for Exchange 2007/2010 hosting accounts.
  • If a user deletes, moves or renames the folder, it will be recreated within 24 hours.
  • If users have an email client other than Outlook, they will see the My Services folder, but clicking the folder displays a message containing a link to the My Services login page.
  • When disabling or re-enabling the service in HostPilot, it may take up to 24 hours for changes to show up in Outlook (the folder does not immediately disappear or re-appear).