You can record the greeting for your Auto Attendant in *.WAV or *.OGG format. Here are the required specifications for custom sound files:

  • mono
  • WAV/OGG, u-Law
  • 64kbits/s
  • 8000Hz sample rate

If you would like to restore the default greetings, you can download them from here:
Default Sounds.

The easiest way to record a greeting in the desired format is to use one of the 3rd-party sound recorders like Audacity which do support the above format. 

Please navigate to the our admin portal (host pilot) to add your greeting to the auto attendant once the desired format is finalized using audacity or any other preferred 3rd party recording software. <for admins> will get you to our admin page.

To upload a new greeting please navigate to Voice Services-> auto Attendant-> click on the Auto Attendant link -> Lastly to upload a new ogg or wav file please select edit following the screen shot below.