When a message reaches the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel mail filters, Advanced Email Security runs the following tests:

  1. Checks if the sender is in the Advanced Email Security Safe or Blocked Senders list. Messages from whitelisted senders will be delivered, messages from blacklisted senders will not be.
    You can modify Safe/Blocked Senders lists if you're using Advanced Email Security.

    Note: this feature availability depends on your plan.
  2. Scan for viruses using the antivirus service.
  3. Check for spam rating using SpamAssassin and CloudMark solutions.

Note: Blacklists have priority over whitelists. This means that if the sender's domain (somedomain.com) is in a blacklist and the sender's email address (user@somedomain.com) is in the whitelist, the message will NOT be delivered.

Unless the sender/sender's domain is whitelisted, a message will have a SpamScore. Depending on the score abd the limits set up is Advanced Email Security, the message will be either delivered to:

  • Inbox folder (if the SpamScore is less than Deliver to Inbox limit)
  • Junk Email folder (if the SpamScore is between Deliver to Inbox limit and Move to Junk limit)
  • not delivered (if the SpamScore exceeds Permanently Delete limit)

Note: Advanced Email Security only checks incoming mail from external recipients. Internal mail isn't scanned by Advanced Email Security. Therefore, there is no need to whitelist your own domain name.

Read the Knowledge Base article on Advanced Email Security For Exchange for more information.

Important: Advanced Email Security was updated for most of the accounts to protect users from ransomeware attacks. By default, Advanced Email Security blocks .zip files with .js (javascript) attachments. It is possible to adjust setting to force Advanced Email Security to block the following dangerous attachment file types (sent directly or also inside .zip and .rar archives):










































Important: such files are still could be sent inside the arc, arj, zoo, tar, gz, bz2 archives.

Note: to enable dangerous attachments blocking, contact Technical Support.