If SecuriSync is syncing too long (tray icon is in syncing state) - longer than 10 minutes without any progress, it means that a file in My SecuriSync folder is open by application that prevents this file from uploading, so synchronization cannot be completed.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Close all applications in which files in My SecuriSync folder are opened
  2. Check the tray context menu, it may show that upload and download are in progress:
    • if number of remaining bytes and files changes, wait for the transfer to complete
    • if the numbers are not changing for a long time, this may indicate a bug in application

Files that need to be uploaded / downloaded can be located in Explorer and have a syncing icon:

File is syncing

If a file is downloading for the first time, then the local folder containing this file will have a syncing icon:

Folder is syncing

Specific file names that are currently transferring can be found through analyzing diagnostic report. Read the Knowledge Base article on SecuriSync: How Do I Analyze Diagnostic Logs? for more information.