Where can the deleted files be found?

Deleted files, if synchronized to the cloud, can be accessed from the Web App. Read the Knowledge Base article on SecuriSync®: Restore Deleted Files for more information.

Deleted files can also be restored by SecuriSync Admin even if the user was deleted. Read the Knowledge Base article on SecuriSync®: Admin File Management for more information.

Windows app only: Desktop application does not delete files locally when they are no longer on server - instead it moves it to Windows recycle bin.

How can a user investigate the issue?

In order for the user to find all events related to the missing folder or file, they need to perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to SecuriSync Web App
  2. Navigate to the Activity Feed tab
  3. Filter the events by date and type and/or enter the file / folder name to the Search field:
    Activity Feed

How can an administrator investigate the issue?

To find out who deleted the data, admin can review Audit Log in HostPilot® Control Panel. Read the Knowledge Base article on SecuriSync: Audit Log for more information.

Events can be filtered by event type (for example, Delete events), date range and file/folder name:

Find events in the Audit Log